Montréal’s mTrip Travel Guides expands mobile app to Android devices

mTrip Travel Guides has now launched on Android devices. After success with its iPhone, iPod, and iPad app range for the past half year, mTrip has expanded to ‘Droids, a rapidly growing segment of the smartphone market.

If you’re unaware, mTrip enhances travellers’ experience by offering automated and personalized trip itineraries, plus information on attractions, hotels, restaurants and shopping destinations, as well as sharing features like electronic postcards—not to mention traveling in augmented reality and getting directions without an Internet connection or roaming fees.

“Technology is evolving and so is the way we travel,” says Frederic de Pardieu, CEO of mTrip. “Travelers are becoming more tech-savvy and smartphone apps for travel are becoming extremely relevant. With the recent growth of Android an opportunity exists for mTrip to offer a trip planning experience that Android users desire yet thus far have little access to.”

mTrip Travel Guides is available for nearly two dozen cities across the globe, from New York to Washington in the U.S., Paris to Moscow in Europe, and Tokyo to Singapore in Asia. It’s available in five languages, including German and Italian. 

The app costs $6 per destination, which may seem like a hefty premium in a world of free apps, but as I stated back in July, its offline functionality and overall quality means you get what you pay for. Besides, chances are, six bucks is a drop in the bucket compared with your total travel costs—and you never know how handy it may turn out to be. They just need a BlackBerry version now!