Most Canadian Companies are Using the Cloud

Almost three quarters of Canadian companies are using the cloud for some of their IT delivery, up 14 per cent from 2016.

New research by Scalar Decisions showed organizations in Canada are no longer being held up by concerns over security breaches and are moving towards cloud-based delivery systems to maximize the return on their investment.

“The cloud has become not just a standard IT delivery model, but the standard IT delivery model,” said Rene Heroux, CTO of Scalar Decisions, in a statement.

“While organizations have ongoing concerns about security, they now see the cloud as a potential solution to those risks, not as a barrier to adopting the technology. Businesses are now looking to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of their cloud infrastructure by developing new software and processes,” Heroux added.

Security is often a barrier for companies considering cloud deployment. But those perceptions are changing. Despite finding that 35 per cent of Canadian companies saw security as a key factor in determining how to use the cloud, 90 per cent of survey respondents are enabling some level of cloud integration.

“Major data and development intense companies have been using container technology for many years, but mainstream use of the technology is only starting to accelerate now,” Heroux said.

The technology chief explained the cloud is allowing for greater speed in software development and deployment, like fixing bugs and adding new features.

Companies are investing more into the cloud too. Scalar found that many organizations are planning to increase their IT budget devoted to the cloud from less than 20 percent to almost 30 percent in the next 36 months.