Lists Most Connected Startups in Toronto and Waterloo

Growing a company is hard work, but it’s made easier by having a large network and knowing who to ask for help when it’s needed. has gone the extra mile and made two lists for those based in the Toronto-Waterloo corridor to see which companies are the most connected and networked companies. One list details the top 100 most connected Toronto startups, while the other lists the top 50 most connected Kitchener-Waterloo startups.

“According to Harvard Business Review, in today’s business environment, relationships are the key factor in what makes a successful brand,”’s list explains. “And now, relationship intelligence solutions can identify which companies have the strongest sets of relationships. is showcasing the companies that are most set up for success based on the strong networks of their employees.”

Companies on both lists are ranked on several factors, from the number of relationships each employee has and how strong they are to how many different companies those relationships stretch across. itself is a company that focuses on helping companies grow by reaching out and building relationships with customers, and this listing process draws on their expertise in analyzing customer networks but instead applying it to established companies and their employees. has over 20,000 users and has identified over 50 million relationships in total.

“Innovation in any field, but especially in technology, depends on ideas,” the list goes on to say. “Research in the fields of relationship intelligence and network science has shown repeatedly, that the best, most innovative ideas come from outside of a local network as someone is able to make connections between fields and create a new way of tackling a challenge.”

Below are most connected companies in both Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo.


  1. League
  2. Top Hat
  3. Scribblelive
  4. Hubba
  5. Vena Solutions
  6. Influitive
  7. Wave Financial
  8. Uberflip
  9. Myplanet
  10. Pathfactory

The rest of Toronto’s top 100 list reads like a list of the most innovative and successful startups in the city, which makes sense considering being connected and successful are synonymous with one another, at least according to The list features heavyweights like Wealthsimple, Rubikloud, ecobee, Tulip Retail, and Wattpad. Check out the full rankings here.


  1. Vidyard
  2. Kik
  3. D2L
  4. Axonify
  5. Igloo Software
  6. Descartes Systems
  7. Esentire
  8. Sortable
  9. Textnow
  10. Thalmic Labs

As one would expect, some of the most recognizable Waterloo companies make the top 10 of the rankings. Other companies included (but not in the top 10) are Bridgit, Funnelcake, Applyboard, Auvik, Dozr, and others. Find the full list here. put the lists together as a community resource for startups to know what kinds of companies exist in the scene while also seeing who they should possibly reach out to learn from and form relationships with.