The Techvibes Roundup: The Most Interesting Stories You Might Have Missed This Week

It’s been a thrilling month at Techvibes. We completely relaunched our site following an acquisition by Konrad Group. But there were also several interesting stories across the tech sphere. Here are five of our favourites.

  • A look inside Shopify’s Toronto office. The Canadian tech darling was founded and is based in Ottawa, but that doesn’t stop the ecommerce titan from having a cool office in downtown Toronto. Check out our gallery of gorgeous photos—if you don’t mind sweating with office envy.
  • Steve Wozniak has discovered the secret to happiness. The Apple cofounder never achieved the level of fame and wealth that Steve Jobs did, but he remains a legend—and anyone who knows how to be happy is someone worth listening to.
  • Do you prefer sports or videogames? The line between the two is blurring, and the reasons why are pretty interesting.
  • Summer is here! There’s no better time to get fit. Need help? Technology has your back.
  • Standing desks are taking over homes and offices everywhere and people look to combat “sitting disease,” which is the idea that sitting all day, every day contributes to obesity, inflexibility, and general lethargy. A strong demand has created a strong supply, and a saturated market means options for every budget. Here are four ways to stand in front of your computer no matter your needs.

What a time to be alive! Stay tuned for more amazing content next week.