MyHealthAccess Helps Patients Book Doctor Appointments Online

Cloud Practice Inc., a medical software company located in Victoria, has just released their third product for Canadian medical professionals called MyHealthAccess. The new software is an appointment management web application and it aims to simplify the relationship between clinics and patients by allowing the two to connect online.

Through the MyHealthAccess portal, patients are empowered with access to clinic schedules in order to plan appointments with their healthcare provider accordingly. Clinic staff no longer need to spend time planning, rescheduling, or confirming appointments by phone with patients. As long as a patient is connected to a clinic, they are able to view available appointment times and can book them online from their account.

Patients are able to connect to a clinic via MyHealthAccess in two simple ways. They can either sign up for an account, search for a clinic, and send the clinic a connection request, or they can connect to a clinic once the clinic sends a connection request to the patient via email. Multiple clinic connections are possible through a single patient account and patients will be able to book appointments online with healthcare providers for any clinic they are connected with. They can add a reason to indicate what the appointment is about as well.

The clinic account has integration capabilities with one of Canada’s most popular electronic medical record (EMR) systems, OSCAR. This integration allows for data already stored in the EMR, such as patient demographics details, provider details, and provider schedules, to migrate over to MyHealthAccess without additional data entry. Clinic staff can send connection requests to any patients in their system, as long as they have the correct email address saved to that patient’s virtual file.
MyHealthAccess also allows clinics to send out automated appointment reminders to patients via email or via text message. This handy feature can cut down on no-shows and allows administrative staff at the clinic to focus on other tasks.

The clinic account has numerous settings that can be customized as needed. Account administrators are able to test the connection between their OSCAR EMR and MyHealthAccess and can make any modifications necessary in the Settings tab. Schedule settings and clinic hours can also be edited and displayed to connected patients. When a patient books an appointment from their MyHealthAccess account, the clinic’s EMR schedule is automatically updated and displays the appointment as “self-booked”.

Clinics and patients are able to communicate via the internal messaging feature as well. This allows private messaging between clinics and patients that is secure and only accessible to the account user. While email notifications are sent to alert the patient or clinic about a new message, the content of the message can only be viewed within the MyHealthAccess account.

MyHealthAccess aims to increase patient satisfaction while decreasing workload and time spent on appointment management for administrative staff at the clinic. Cloud Practice will continue improving the software based on feedback from its users. The company will also be working to integrate with other EMR systems in the future.

The Cloud Practice team adds MyHealthAccess to their portfolio of cloud-based web applications designed specifically for Canadian medical professionals. The other two products that the company has developed, OscarHost, an OSCAR EMR service provider and hosting portal, and ClinicAid, a web-based billing program, also focus on helping Canada’s healthcare providers manage their practices easily and effectively.