NBCUniversal Launches Unified Shoppable E-Commerce Platform

The new platform will let shoppers purchase items from branded articles, videos, and specially designed television ads.

Need to Know

  • NBCUniversal Checkout, a direct-to-consumer digital content storefront, has launched a feature to allow businesses to connect content to e-commerce, reducing the number of steps in the consumer journey. 
  • Through the platform, retailers are able to create content on Universal properties and integrate NBCUniversal Checkout within their social media posts. The platform is also integrated into Shoppable Branded Content, Shoppable Editorial Content, and Shoppable TV.
  • NBCUniversal teams are assisting businesses by creating and distributing new marketing materials and waiving all technology and cart fees until the end of the year.


NBCUniversal has officially its shoppable e-commerce platform, NBCUniversal Checkout, as many retailers continue shifting from brick-and-mortar to e-commerce.

“Retailers of every size are feeling strained after closing stores to help stop the spread, and are looking for creative solutions to maintain relationships with their customers,” the company said.

The platform allows consumers to instantly click-and-buy items through a dedicated NBCUniversal Checkout area rather than being redirected to other sites. It also features integrations with NBCUniversal’s Shoppable Branded Content, Shoppable Editorial Content, and Shoppable TV.

Launched last year, Shoppable TV gives viewers the ability to purchase products within the organic environment of TV shows. Viewers hold their phone camera to the screen during an “on-air shoppable moment” and are taken directly to a marketer’s site for purchase. 

The platform was created for small and large companies to connect content, e-commerce, and consumer. In addition to assisting businesses during this global shift to e-commerce the company is waiving cart and technology fees  until the end of the year—actions they hope will “help our retail partners adapt to these challenging circumstances, stay connected to customers and remain open for business.”