Neiman Marcus Replaces Physical Fall Book with Digital Campaign

The Neiman's State of Mind online hub is interactive, shoppable, and will continually be updated.

Need to Know

  • Neiman Marcus’ quarterly print Book has been reimagined as an online-only interactive catalog and campaign for Fall 2020.
  • The “Neiman’s State of Mind” campaign will allow customers to engage with stories about designer collections, and shop through the stories on a digital hub.
  • New content will be introduced to the hub throughout the fall as Neiman Marcus focuses its marketing efforts on engaging customers online.


U.S. retailer Neiman Marcus is continuing its strong pivot towards digital marketing, launching the “Neiman’s State of Mind” fall campaign in place of its seasonal Book, which is a print catalogue.

The campaign, which is now live, reimagines the fall Book as a series of digital stories, through which shoppers can learn about and interact with key fall fashion pieces. The interactive State of Mind online hub also offers profiles of Neiman Marcus’ style advisors from coast to coast, who appear throughout the campaign to offer tips on how to wear the season’s fashions. Customers can purchase pieces directly from the State of Mind hub.

The hub also offers online quizzes that match shoppers with products and highlights how some of the fashion and beauty brands carried by Neiman Marcus that are giving back to their local communities. The State of Mind campaign will be visible and accessible via paid media and native content, as well as in-store and online experiences.

“The concept of Neiman’s State of Mind really speaks to me. Our lifestyles have changed, our work has changed, our social lives have changed, but what hasn’t changed is our ability to choose our state of mind,” Lana Todorovich, president and chief merchandising officer for Neiman Marcus said of the campaign. “A Neiman’s State of Mind is one all of our customers can adopt. It is the choice to find magic in the every day, to elevate our wardrobes, our homes, or our beauty routines, and to connect and forge deeper relationships.”

The State of Mind hub will be updated throughout the fall with new content and products, as Neiman Marcus strives to maintain an interactive, engaging online presence for its customers. This priority has become somewhat urgent for the retailer of late, as Neiman Marcus filed for bankruptcy in May of this year, amid declining revenues partly due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The chain is considering the closure of four brick-and-mortar stores in the US as it continues to work to restructure its debt.

As part of its renewed commitment to digital commerce, Neiman Marcus debuted a virtual hub, Your Neiman’s in July, that allows shoppers to remotely interact with stylists, and make appointments for in-store shopping or curbside pickup. The store also now uses Stylyze, a clienting app, to match shoppers with stylists, offer remote assistance, and conduct virtual product demos.

“Neiman’s State of Mind is rich in story, and showcases a world of fashion, luxury, and service experiences to customers in a more emotive way,” Todorovich said. “We look forward to building stronger brand engagement and deeper customer relationships through this innovative campaign.”