Netflix Canada Has Less Content Than in US, Yes – But It’s Better Quality

There’s no denying Canadians have less content to watch on Netflix than in the US.

But things may not be quite so grim as we like to believe.

Yes, we have less content—about half as much, in fact. But we also have more content than the UK, or Brazil, or any other country in the world besides America.

Moreover, the quality of our content is argubaly the highest in the world: we have lots of hit TV shows and movies that the US subscribers don’t actually have access to.

Data from Netflixable, first published by the Toronto Star, is the strongest evidence of this yet. The data shows, for example, Canadians can watch recent hits such as X-Men: First Class and The Dark Knight Rises, while our US counterparts cannot. The Canadian library is apparently more “curated” than the US library, with Netflix working to identify “content of interest” to our local market. In the US, the company’s aim to believed to be more about quantity over quality.

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The US Netflix library boasts 7,200 titles. Canada’s has 3,600. The UK (2,800), Mexico (2,800), and Brazil (2,000) follow. Each region ends to have significantly different rules around content rights and licensing, which is the driving factor behind how a country’s library looks.

In Canada, Netflix is extremely popular. More than 15% of Canadians actively use the video streaming service and during peak Internet usage hours, Netflix content can account for more than one-third of traffic.

Oh, and if you’re still not satisfied with the Canadian offerings on Netflix? Accessing the US library is really simple.