Netflix Set to Open a Toronto Production Hub

A little over a month after writing about why a Toronto production hub would be an easy choice for Netflix, the streaming giant has announced plans to lease studio space in Canada’s largest city.

Netflix will lease close to 200,000 square feet of space spread across two separate studios—Cinepsace Studios, which will have four sound stages as well as offices and support space totalling 164,00 square feet, and Pinewood Toronto Studios, which will have four sound stages and adjacent office space totalling 84,580 square feet. Netflix estimates this move will create 1,850 jobs. As a comparison, this is roughly half the total soundstages Netflix has access to at their Hollywood Sunset Bronson headquarters.

“By putting the right conditions in place to attract jobs and opportunities to the province, our Government working for the People is sending a clear message that Ontario is open for business,” said Michael Tibollo, Ontario’s Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport. “Today’s announcement demonstrates that Ontario is now one of the most attractive places in the world for investment. We are creating an environment for job creators and workers to thrive, including in Ontario’s industry-leading film production sector.”

These new studios will support the upcoming release of several Netflix exclusive shows and films, such as Guillermo del Toro Presents Ten After Midnight and Let It Snow. Netflix already had a small production lease in B.C. at the Martini Film Studios and has leased smaller studios on a production-by-production basis.

“I’ve been excited from day one about the interest Netflix has shown in establishing a much bigger presence in Toronto,” said Toronto Mayor John Tory. “Great crews, great studio space, great customer service and great companies like Netflix make Toronto the best place in North America to make television shows and movies.”

Cinespace is a globally-recognized studio, having hosted two previous Best Picture Oscar winners: Chicago and The Shape of Water. Pinewood has produced critically-acclaimed films such as Room and IT.

“With this commitment to Cinespace and Pinewood Toronto, we are proud to continue our investment in Canada and Canadian films and series,” said Ty Warren, VP of physical production for Netflix. “These new leases will enable us to expand our presence in Canada and provide a wealth of production jobs for skilled Canadian workers.”

This is the latest move form Netflix’s $500-million-plus commitment to their Canadian Subsidiary, Netflix Canada.