New Bridgit Feature Fuels Jobsite Data Insights

Bridgit has a new data-driven in-app feature that gives construction job site managers an even deeper look at their projects.

The Kitchener-based company and their punch list software has led a digital shift in the construction industry since their founding in 2014.

The recently launched Project Insights feature for the company’s Bridgit Closeout app collects real numbers from a construction site and generates a high-level project review.

The new tool gives construction managers up-to-date site data to monitor project progress and is available through Bridgit’s web application.

“This is a game-changer for Bridgit Closeout,” said Bridgit CEO Mallorie Brodie. “Our users have always had access to reports that filter and summarize the tasks on site. Project Insights is different; it calculates high-level progress metrics that give quick insight about a project’s status and team performance.”

This is how it works: Project Insights pulls data from the site’s task lists and uses those numbers to calculate project metrics—something that typically isn’t available through a site management report.

Bridgit said that with a quick glance of this Project Insights generated report, users can see how many tasks are completed, the average age of incomplete tasks and performance metrics week-over-week.

Brodie explains that the company plans to grow the feature down the road by considering feedback and user suggestions.