New LG Airport Robots Will Guide and Clean Up After You

Navigating airports can be a difficult task, especially when you are in another country where language may be a barrier.

LG is introducing a robot designed to guide you around South Korea’s Incheon International Airport in Seoul. There is even a robot that will roam and clean the airport.

These two robots have been designed and prepared for the upcoming Winter Olympics in 2018 to help lost travellers and improve the appearance of the first sport most tourists will see in the country. The bots were unveiled at CES earlier this year and will begin working today.

The Guide Robot will roam from terminal to terminal providing travellers with boarding times, directions and general flight information. It has voice recognition and speaks four languages; Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese. You can even scan your boarding pass and the robot will escort you to the correct gate.

However, there is no word on if you can ride the robot to your destination yet, so here’s hoping a weary tourist can one day hop on the back and shout “Hi-Yo Guidebot, away!” as they slowly glide to their correct departure area.

The Cleaning Robot is fairly self-explanatory. It roams around looking for the dirtiest areas to focus on and tidies them up. It will use machine learning to remember the areas that need the most frequent cleaning so it can focus on those the most.

LG is hoping these commercial robots will further demonstrate their ability to have automation enter the mainstream as a future growth engine.

“LG is dedicated to the advancement and development of its robot technologies which includes navigation, voice recognition, natural language processing, and of course, DeepThinQ,” said Song Dae-hyun, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “It is this kind of effort and innovation that will drive LG forward in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.”