New Staples Connect Stores Merge Digital Services with Retail

Staples Connect locations focus on growing community, enabling hands-on learning, and increasing access to technology.

Need to Know

  • Staples is introducing Staples Connect concept stores in Massachusetts with the announcement of six locations. 
  • Staples Connect, a concept “dedicated to continued curiosity, growth, and development,” features coworking, podcasting, and community event spaces designed as a growing space for connected professionals, teachers, and students. 
  • Each Connect location has a Solutions Shop equipped with print and marketing services, tech services and professional tax, finance and legal services. 


Staples is emphasizing learning and connectivity with its six new Connect stores opening throughout Massachusetts. Packed with technology and solutions, the stores provide an innovative revamp to the way customers shop and interact with Staples retail stores. 

“We recognize that the way people shop is changing, and with the launch of Staples Connect we are adapting to fit the needs of our customers,” said Mike Motz, CEO of Staples US Retail in a release

“Our customers are teachers, students of all ages, small business owners and side hustlers. Research shows that much of what they are seeking is real human interaction with members of their community and industry, which is key to productivity and growth. At Staples Connect, we do more than just supply your success through product offerings, we wholeheartedly support it.”

Staples Canada launched a similar concept last year, called the Staples Studio. Staples Connect, however, is a massive expansion by the retailer on what Canadian shoppers experience. 

Each Staples Connect has a SpotlightSpace, which is a 500 square foot event space; a Podcast Studio, consisting of a soundproof room with professional recording equipment; the Staples Studio, a coworking space for entrepreneurs, small businesses and students; and A Solutions Shop, an updated way to shop for items in traditional Staples categories like tech and print and marketing services. 

After a failed acquisition in 2015, Staples was sold to Sycamore Partners in 2017, who effectively split the company into three independent entities—US, Canada, and its B2B business. 

Staples’ shift towards a younger more connected audience comes at a time when working and learning spaces are beginning to replace traditional offices. The retailer may have carved out their own niche in a market dominated by online giants like Amazon: Innovative spaces built for learning and working packed with perfectly merchandised tech and stationary, “a new space to break old rules.”