Nexalogy Partners with Hootsuite to Launch Social Data Visualizer

Montreal-based social data analytics startup Nexalogy is the latest company to join Hootsuite’s ever-growing roster of apps. The company announced Tuesday that the application for Hootsuite will be an adaptation of their current free social media visualizer tool, NexaMe.

“We are excited to be taking part in the expansion of HootSuite’s capabilities, and it’s great to work with another Canadian firm on the cutting edge,” said Claude Théoret, the CEO of Nexalogy. “We’ve been working hard to develop more intelligent ways of handling the onslaught of information in our social media feeds. Our software helps people get to the heart of what matters.”

The company’s main tools were designed as the industrial strength solution for social data analysis used by professionals and scientists. NexaMe, the latest addition to Hootsuite, is supposed to provide a maximum amount of analysis with a minimum amount of configuration.

The tool solves the problem of social data overload by mining social media streams to surface the most important trends, ideas, and interests. It analyzes conversations through social graphs and interest maps.

Hootsuite users will be able to generate a detailed interest graph of their twitter feed’s concepts with nodes and links visualizing how every concept is related to each other. Meanwhile, the app’s connector tab allows users to see who is most active among their community, who is the most solicited and retweeted members of their community, and who they should be following.

“Listing hundreds of tweets can make you spend time trying to see the forest one tree at a time,” wrote Théoret in a recent blog. “Only surfacing the most important signals doesn’t allow you to understand new trends or important dynamics within your community.”

Prior to joining forces the pair of companies have established themselves as big players in their own right over the past few months.

Hootsuite has expanded their roster of social media apps rapidly and recently claimed first spot in the Canadian Startup Index with an Alexa rank of 213. Nexalogy has accumulated an impressive list of accolades over the past year as well: best demo table in the first annual International Start-up Festival; Fifth place in 2011’s CIX Top 20; selected by Price Waterhouse Cooper in a technology forecast as the tool for social media and business intelligence; and selected by Sympatico News to fuel their entire news section.

Moreover, they were the only business named in last year’s CIX Top 20 without having Series A funding. After that they raised $600,000 in angel investment and went revenue-positive this past summer.

“Nexalogy Environics is on the cusp of what we call social data analytics and predictive analysis,” said Théoret. Along with CFO Eric Steedman, Théoret founded the company after a storied career in high-energy astro phyrics. He started the astronomy department at McGill before the age of 35 and pivoted his focus shortly after.

Used to looking through a telescope at McGill, Théoret said things have only changed a little in perspective. “I love discovering stuff so now I have a telescope to see what people do,” he said.

Nexalogy Environics was founded in 2006 and has been a pioneer in social media analysis, with a staff of 10 people in Montréal and partners in Toronto and Washington. The firm has worked for clients in the US, Canada, and Europe in several sectors including: consumer products and packaged goods companies, mining and extraction companies, technology companies, communications and advertising agencies, media companies, government agencies, and the non-profit sector.