Next 36 Graduate Atlus Acquired by Ottawa’s Purple Forge Corp

Atlus announced this morning that it has been acquired.

The mobile location recommendation platform was acquired by Purple Forge Corp, a Canadian mobile company that builds apps for cities, governments, and large organizations.

The Toronto-grown Atlus was a part of The Next 36’s cohort last year. The startup enables users to build their own exclusive network of recommendations for restaurants and other locations, differentiating itself by “being more personal” than the competition.

“Being personal helps in two ways: first, it helps us deliver a compelling and engaging experience for our users, but more importantly, it is an effective means of providing high-fidelity recommendations,” says cofounder Alex Litoiu.

“Our users believe that recommendations from their closest friends are more meaningful than anonymous ones due to both their familiarity and the contextual information they offer. Our vision for Altus was to create a network that optimized for this type of information,” added cofounder Evan Williams.

“The three of us know that Atlus is in good hands with Purple Forge, whose team has decades of technical experience,” affirmed Atlus CEO Mike Murchison.

Purple Forge says its acquisition of Atlus will “bolster its technology base.” Purple Forge plans to add a deeper, more engaging social layer to their offerings.