NHL Trade Deadline Day Tweet Tracker – See how much buzz the top newsmakers generated [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Rick Nash staying put in Columbus, this year’s NHL Trade Deadline Day was a disappointment for most. But that didn’t slow down the chatter on Twitter.

Sports network theScore took a deeper dive into what people were talking about on Twitter during what is traditionally one of the most exciting days ofthe year for hockey fans.

A series of infographics were produced to digest the information, with the team from hockey blog The Backhand Shelf, providing the analysis.

From game time 8:00pm Sunday night until 3:00pm Monday, the team that had the most overall chatter was the Toronto Maple Leafs with over 30,000 tweets and a reach of 40 million potential impressions – even though Brian Burke froze up and didn’t make any major moves.

TheScore’s analysis focused on five teams: the Leafs, the Canucks, the Red Wings, the Bruins and the Predators, as well as individual players likely to cause a stir, such as Rick Nash. Key findings included:

  • There were more than 30,000 tweets mentioning the Leafs – the team with the most tweets – resulting in a reach of 40 million impressions
  • The team that had the highest number of tweets at a given time was the Vancouver Canucks, mainly due to the surprising Hodgson trade at 3:35pm.
  • Nashville, who was one of the most aggressive teams on deadline day, was less so on Twitter, suggesting that their fanbase has less of a social media presence (or is just small).
  • Boston, the defending Stanley Cup champions, made a couple moves at the deadline, but the Canadian teams still ruled the Twitterverse.

Conversations involving Rick Nash (17,237 tweets) dominated chatter about individual players, with Zack Kassian (13,570) second followed by Cody Hodgson (11,214) and Andrei Kostitsyn (11,014)