Nike Unveils New Digital-Focused Concept Store Nike Rise

The reimagined retail location focuses on using Nike's app to keep consumers engaged in local events.

Need to Know 

  • Nike has unveiled the first in a line of new concept stores called Nike Rise, in Guangzhou, China.
  • The concept focuses on digital engagement by sending alerts to Nike app users when they enter the store and highlighting live events and workshops that will take place within that location.
  • Nike has excelled in digital sales this year and hopes to see the same success in direct-to-consumer sales by reimagining the in-store experience to better match what consumers are looking for.
  • Other Nike technologies in the new concept store include Nike Fit, Scan to Learn, and Scan to Try.


Like many other businesses pivoting to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and embrace new standards in retail, Nike is now testing an experiential store concept to entice shoppers to return. 

In an effort to move towards becoming a D2C brand, Nike is unveiling a new retail format called Nike Rise. The first new retail concept store is opening today in Guangzhou, China, and will serve as a community hub that features in-store events as well as new app integrations. The retailer has also shared plans to open more Nike Rise stores and reformat existing locations to adopt this concept.  

“Nike has always been about connecting athletes to sports, and now wellness,” said Cathy Sparks, VP and GM of global Nike Direct stores and service.

Much like competitors Lululemon and Foot Locker’s concept stores, the new Nike Rise store will feature a digital calendar display of events Nike staff will host. These events will take place in partnership with local facilities and include soccer and basketball matches as well as one-on-one yoga and running sessions. The store will also feature weekly speaking events led by local athletes and community leaders. 

Nike will also be testing out a new feature on its app called Nike Experiences. This new integration allows Nike members to register for and receive notifications about upcoming events. Nike also said that “data will power the complete experience” meaning if more people sing up and use Nike Experiences, it will lead to more live events and more opportunities for personalization.

“Whether members are connecting through the Nike app or joining in-store, they’re invited to experience a digitally-enabled journey at this Nike Rise door that links them to the energy and activity of the city, and unites communities across Guangzhou through the power of sport,” said Sparks.

Nike Rise locations will also feature latest in-store technologies the retailer has to offer. This includes Nike Fit, which lets customers scan their fiit to find the perfect size shoe in any brand or style; and Scan to Learn and Scan to Try, which allows customers to use their phone to let staff know when they want to try a product on.

Since the onset of the pandemic, Nike has excelled in digital engagement and online sales, exceeding $1 billion in digital revenue within both EMEA and China for the first time as well hitting eight million total downloads for the Nike commerce app. The reimagined retail experience hopes to bring that same customer engagement-related success back in-store as well.