Nimbb out of beta, expects strong 2011

Websites and companies looking to incorporate user-created video content should look no further than Nimbb, a Montreal product that has finally taken the “beta” tag off after two years, and is starting to find customers and profit with their video recording API.

Nimbb uses a Flash plugin to connect with users’ webcams and microphones to allow them to record videos up to five-minutes long (possibly shorter, at the website’s discretion). These videos can be used as video comments on website content or a form of “video Twitter.”

Several companies are on board with Nimbb so far. McGraw-Hill and ScribbleLive are the most prominent companies that Nimbb lists among their clients, with the BBC and Cirque Du Soleil also using the technology. Founder Benjamin Berube predicts that the increasing number of clients, plus the new corporate subscription plan, will grow Nimbb’s revenues “500 per cent” into “six-figure” territory.

You can check out more about Nimbb here.