Nissan Unveils Details of Online Platform Nissan@Home

Powered by CarSaver, the new platform provides an end-to-end online car shopping solution, including vehicle test drive and delivery

Need to Know 

  • Nissan has announced CarSaver as its new e-commerce partner, launching a new online shopping platform that will provide an end-to-end buying experience for car shoppers.
  • Nissan@Home was first mentioned in December 2020 and allows customers to browse, test-drive, and complete the purchase of a Nissan vehicle, all from their digital devices at home.
  • As the world of e-commerce has rapidly evolved in recent years, automakers are exploring better online car shopping solutions and other tech-first initiatives.


In a recent press release, Nissan announced that CarSaver has been selected as the new e-commerce platform for Nissan@Home, the automotive brand’s online shopping platform. 

In an era where online shopping has become the default, even car dealerships are looking for innovative ways to offer their customers e-commerce solutions. That’s why, in December, Nissan launched Nissan@Home, a new online shopping program that allows customers to purchase a Nissan vehicle from the comfort—and safety—of their homes. 

“Online buying is massive and absolutely what today’s consumer is wanting. COVID-19 has only increased that demand,” said Dan Banister, owner of two Nissan retail locations. “It was remarkable what we found during the test this summer. Our sales close-rate nearly doubled with customers who used this online shopping solution.”

Using Nissan@Home, customers can browse vehicles, schedule and complete a test drive, complete a purchase, and receive the delivery of the vehicle—all from their digital devices. 

“Nissan@Home gives customers what they’re asking for – the ability to purchase a vehicle on their terms,” said Dan Mohnke, Nissan’s VP of e-commerce. “Through this new program, Nissan dealers can provide a better customer experience which can, in turn, help improve their own business performance. It’s an important first for Nissan and a great value to our customers.”

Now, using CarSaver, Nissan can even better improve its online shopping service. 

CarSaver is an “end-to-end digital retail platform that automates the entire online buying process”. The platform will support Nissan@Home with cutting-edge features like “VIN specific pricing and payments, real-time, OEM direct rebates and incentives, AI-enabled deal structuring, captive and retail lender loan and lease integration, eF&I, eContracting, guaranteed online trade-ins, and vehicle delivery management software.” 

Said CarSaver’s CEO Chad Collier, “Shopping for a vehicle with CarSaver’s tools is like ordering a pizza, but more fun. It’s easier for both the customer and the dealers, and it saves everyone a lot of time and money.” 

Nissan is clearly exploring solutions in innovation within the automotive industry. In 2019, the carmaker launched a partnership with rental-sharing platform Turo, allowing car shoppers to test-drive new models through the app. 

Other major auto brands have been exploring partnerships with tech leaders as of late. 

Ford last week signed a deal with Google to equip its vehicles with Android Automotive technology, as well as transform the company’s internal operations. 

Hyundai is also reportedly in talks with Apple to team up on the launch of an autonomous car, which could come as early as 2027.