Nootrobox Launches ‘Smart Drugs’ Subscription Service in Canada

Nootrobox, a subscription nootropics delivery service, has launched in Canada.

Nootropics—commonly referred to as brain nutrients or “smart drugs”—claim to enhance cognitive performance by increasing memory, focus, and energy.

“Small productivity gains compounded day over day, week over week, make a huge difference over a year, over a career,” argues Geoffrey Woo, Nootrobox’s cofounder. “People want more time in their day, and to make better use of that time. Until we can start solving the former, we’re working on the latter.”

Nootrobox launched in the US last July. The California company says it has “already fulfilled thousands of orders.” Nootrobox says there has been “significant interest” from the Canada market.

“Time is money, and often times the relation is exponential. If you can spend more hours of focus in one day than the next person in line, you are at a serious competitive advantage,” says Michael Brandt, Nootrobox’s other cofounder. “Netflix is a subscription for entertainment. Gym membership is a subscription for physical health. Nootrobox is a subscription for your mental performance.”

Woo previously was CEO and co-founder of Glassmap, a YCombinator company acquired by Groupon.