North America’s Top 10 Cities for Corporate Innovation

A new report ranks North America’s top 10 cities for corporate innovation.

Innovation Leader Magazine compiled the list based on five factors: Global 1000 companies and their R&D levels; major tech firms with partner ecosystems; startup and accelerator program density; the presence of research universities; and the frequency of conferences and other events that cultivate disruptive thought.

Not surprisingly, San Francisco—or, more broadly, Silicon Valley—ranked first, citing the presence of major tech brands like Apple and Facebook and the constantly churning innovation from world-class accelerators like Y Combinator.

Here’s the full list:

  1. San Francisco – The gold standard for a technology innovation hub.
  2. Boston – World-class universities fuel next-level research.
  3. New York – Filled with corporate headquarters and a wealth of talent.
  4. Los Angeles – Disruption from Disney and advances in virtual reality.
  5. Seattle – Anchored by technology titans Microsoft and Amazon.
  6. Atlanta – Many companies, including AT&T, operate innovation labs in this city.
  7. Washington, DC – A range of innovation projects, including at the government level.
  8. Toronto – Headquarters for BlackBerry and the MaRS Discovery District.
  9. Minneapolis – Home of the Post-it Note, as well as major retailers.
  10. Detroit – a hotspot for autonomous driving activity.