NuCaptcha adds ads to their video CAPTCHA

This evening Vancouver’s NuCaptcha launched NuCaptcha Engage – a new version of their CAPTCHA security platform that includes video advertisements.

NuCaptcha’s unique combination of video-based brand messaging with a security platform could disrupt the CAPTCHA space as it should appeal to online advertisers while offering a higher level of security against spam and hackers.

As part of their press release tonight, NuCaptcha announced that Engage advertisements will go live on Tuesday, October 26th with some heavy hitter clients – Activision, Coastal Contacts, Disney, and Electronic Arts, amongst others.

NuCaptcha Engage will be available in standard IAB unit (300 x 250), half height (300 x 125) or large (640 x 480). Pricing is either on a video CPM basis ($10 to $25), or a cost-per-engagement basis ($0.10 to $1.00), for larger, longer videos.

Since launching in June, over 3,500 websites have adopted the original NuCaptcha platform. In September, five millon captchas were served using the platform, and the startup is on schedule to serve ten million in October.

With over 100 billion CAPTCHAs used last year to protect sites against login hacks, spam bots, farm bots, online identity and resource theft, NuCaptcha has definitely found a market with growth potential that is ready to be monetized.