Office Chair Yoga Service Helps Employees Recharge at Workplace

Utkata Yoga is delivering 30-minute “office chair yoga sessions” directly to workplaces so employees can recharge without needing to leave their office or even their chair.

The Toronto company aims to “combat the sitting-disease without having to get off the chair.”

“You don’t need to be a flexible ‘yoga person’ to do chair yoga. It’s for everyone,” says Inna Miretski, founder. “Chair yoga consists of gentle stretches that are great for relieving neck, shoulders and lower back stiffness, it helps you to de-stress, recharge, refresh, and get your focus and productivity back.”

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Recently Utkata delivered a 15-minute chair yoga session to 250 attendees of the 2016 Women’s Entrepreneurship Conference with SheEO and Enterprise Toronto. 

The company also offers private, hour-long yoga sessions for executives.