One Billion People Use WhatsApp Every Day

The popular instant messaging and chat platform WhatsApp has shared some astonishing numbers.

Just over a year ago, the app revealed that over one billion people use it every month, for everything from landing dates to alerting family members about natural disasters.

Now WhatsApp has just shared that a billion people use the platform every single day, a huge increase in the span of a little over a year. Those billion people send 55 billion messages, 4.5 billion pictures and one billion videos a day. This is on top of 1.3 billion monthly users, meaning over three quarters of WhatsApp users are engaging with the app daily.

The massive increase most likely revolves around WhatsApp’s continual updates, adding languages and improving the way users send and interact with messages. The fact that competing apps like Snapchat only target North America and leave the rest of the world open to WhatsApp helps too.

WhatsApp had just 350 million daily users back in February 2014 when Facebook acquired them for $19 billion.