One in three Canadians plan to buy a tablet within six months and 7 percent already own one

Seven percent of Canadians already own a tablet, according to global research firm TNS. It’s an impressive number, given that Apple only introduced its original iPad last year. 

But what is even more remarkable are the future prospects of tablet ownership in Canada: one in three intend to purchase a tablet within the next six months, according to the study.

This is incredibly fast and deep penetration. (Keep your mind out of the gutter.)

And as we just noted today, tablet owners download more apps and spend more money on apps than with their smartphones, so developers should be looking to this new mobile platform for revenue.

Still, smartphones reign king for now: 41 percent of Canadians own smartphones, above the global average of 28 percent (although well behind crazy Korea at 90 percent). This means for every tablet owner in Canada, there are six smartphone owners.