One in Three Canadians See Technology as a Threat to Their Jobs

Is your job under threat from computerization – do you fear robot overlords looming to rob you of your career?

According to the latest Randstad Workmonitor study, which surveys employees in 33 countries around the world, one in four Canadians believe their jobs could vanish in a few years due to the rise of technology.

Advancements in technology have always threatened certain industries, today is no different. From giant corporations to university libraries, employers are using rapidly improving technology and workers are concerned they will be competing against machines that will continue to become more powerful, cheaper and easier to use.

The survey found 68 percent of Canadians see the impact of technology as an opportunity while 32 percent see it as a potential threat.

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According to Tom Turpin, President, Randstad Canada, although some jobs may disappear overtime because of technological advancements, innovation can offer exciting and stimulating opportunities in all types of industries.

“As an example, computerization may have reduced the demand for typists and switchboard operators, but also increased the number of more highly skilled and computer savvy administrative assistants,” says Turpin.

“Technology has also burgeoned entirely new industries and occupations such as app designers, digital marketing specialists, big data architects or social media managers.”