Ontario’s True Voice Technologies Brings Talk-2-Me to LeaseBusters

Burlington-based True Voice Technologies—a Canadian Innovation Exchange top 20 company—has announced the addition of its Talk‐2‐Me product on LeaseBusters websites. True Voice’s hosted voice over internet protocol service provides a new way for online visitors to connect with a LeaseBusters representative—on every page of the site, a user can quickly access customer service phone-style via the web.

“The Talk‐2‐Me platform provides our users with another option to communicate with our team of vehicle leasing specialists and makes it very clear to our clients that our lines‐of‐communication are always open” says Jim Mathews, President and General Manager of LeaseBusters. “We want all our visitors to notice the new feature and with the tab located on each page, we feel the propensity of many users to try this technology will increase exponentially.” 

“The user experience is a major reason companies are adding this affordable communication tool to their web site and facebook page” explained Doug Moffat, Founder and President of True Voice Technologies. “There’s no account to open, no software to download and no cost. Simply click and talk.”

“A LeaseBusters Buyer (i.e. the person interested in taking over a vehicle lease) craves and demands instant communication with LeaseBusters’ Sellers in order to make an appointment to see the available vehicle; if they cannot get in touch with the Seller, the Buyer moves on to the next Seller,” adds Jim. “Talk‐2‐Me supplies a new communication source that could produce an easy second call to the Seller in the event of a voicemail during the first attempt.”

“We’re excited about this opportunity to partner with LeaseBusters to provide this unique web to telephone voice service,” adds Doug. “We’re looking forward to expanding Talk‐2‐Me to LeaseBusters customer ads to provide the quickest and simplest way to connect a buyer with a seller.”