Optify Joins the SEO Game

Seattle-based Optify, operating albeit pretty stealthily right now, is the newest player in the SEO game. VC Brian Goffman, most recently with the Madrona Venture Group, has raised $2.75 million so far from Madrona and several angel investors. Exact details aren’t yet being shared by Optify, but their general premise is SEO marketing software offered to medium-sized companies like car dealerships and medical service companies.

“Our theory is that search marketing … is very difficult for anyone except for experts in the field. And what we are going to do with our software is make this a much simpler process for marketers and make it much more of a self-service type of product.”

Goffman insists that Optify is offering a unique product, however, by offering do-it-yourself SEO software rather than SEO consulting services.

“In my experience, when you see an area that’s got a lot of consulting dollars being spent, you’ll often find a big opportunity for software to simplify the process.”

Goffman calls himself an “entrepreneur at heart” which made the move from VC to entrepreneur easy (though he admits that there is definitely a “sense of urgency” being on the entrepreneur side of the equation. Sign up at their site for more information on the beta as it is released. Their product is expected to go live next year.