OrderDynamic and Canada Post Unveil ‘Most Convenient Delivery Experience in Canada’

Canada Post today announced a new e-commerce retail platform that is designed to “vastly improve the online shopping experience” by empowering consumers with delivery options. The platform is built in collaboration with Toronto-based OrderDyamics.

Apparel retailer Laura Canada is the first company to provide this new Canada Post service.

“This collaboration reflects Canada Post’s commitment to offer the most convenient delivery experience to Canadians who shop online,” says René Desmarais, senior vice-president of parcels at Canada Post. “Our network is unparalleled and offers retailers opportunities to provide a customer experience like none other. In an online world, this is key.”

“Our technology enables customers with choices they’ve never had before,” says Michael Benadiba, CEO at OrderDynamics. “And that can be a game changer.”

One feature included in the new service is a “Deliver to Post Office” option, which 10% of all Laura.ca customers have used in the past two weeks.

“Today’s busy modern women need convenience and the ability to choose not only what they want but where they want to receive it,” says Sam Barnes, e-commerce director at Laura Canada. “Giving them options is what makes their online experience complete.”