Canadian Startup Oris4 Adds Silicon Valley Heavy Hitters to Executive Team

Halifax-based cloud content management startup Oris4 has added two Silicon Valley veterans, Reza Kazemipour and Guillaume Oget, to their executive team.

For those who don’t know, Oris4 stitches together all of your information sources including Salesforce,, and Gmail so you can find the exact document you need without time-consuming search.

Reza joins Oris4 as CEO with more than 20 years of experience in sales, strategy and business leadership roles in the software industry with a handful of exits, including the sale of FAST to Microsoft. Reza also serves as an advisor and board member to Silicon Valley and Canadian startups, including Strutta and Blue Bat Games, as well as a mentor to accelerators like Growlabs and Plug and Play Canada.

“What really got me excited about Oris4 is that they take care of a real problem that many of us have –access of content in the cloud. Oris4 is the best answer I’ve seen to simplify search and allow you to stitch together all of your sources in one place,” he explained. “I am delighted to join Oris4 and look forward to leading our team and partners to accelerate our growth and become a force in the enterprise search industry.”



Guillaume joins as CTO with over 15 years at HP, leading technology teams in areas including mobility, security and cloud computing.

Cofounders Andrew Doyle and Peter Hickey will continue their roles as product evangelists and operational leaders on a day-to-day basis in Halifax, while Reza and Guillaume will be based out of the Palto Alto office as they help lead efforts to secure the latest funding round for Oris4, build the sales infrastructure as well as direct the technical team and set product direction.

“As we grow from startup to a more established company, we need to augment the skills Peter and I bring,” said Doyle. “I’ve always said growth was a matter of hiring great people and then letting them do their jobs; that’s why Reza and Guillaume are here. They make Peter and I better at our jobs and the company better as a whole.”

Oris4’s current investors include GrowthWorks, Innovacorp and a number of private investors.