Ottawa’s RentingWell is Like FreshBooks for Property Managers

Toronto’s FreshBooks has established itself as a world-class web platform to create, send, and manage invoices online. Ottawa’s Sliced Bread has concocted a platform that could achieve the same success in the property management space.

Sliced Bread, an app studio formed in 2010, announced the private beta of RentingWell in April. We snagged a beta code to test the platform and first impressions were strong.

The fluid fill-in-the-blanks process of adding properties and tenants asks the right questions, suggesting it’s designed for property managers by property managers. It’s definitely one of the easier ways to create and monitor a digital version of your property portfolio.

Beyond simply logging the details of your properties, RentingWell excels in tracking revenue and expenses on a monthly and annual basis, saving you serious accounting time and fees – property managers know how complex these financials can be.

Other handy features include developing a contact list of tenants and contractors and upload lease agreements for digital storage.

But perhaps most impressively is the price of the service. RentingWell starts at just $10 per month, and it’s generous for a basic plan: you can manage up to 20 units. For $30, a user can manage up to 50 units; $50 nets a user unlimited units to manage. And that’s the only difference – even the basic plan is loaded with full revenue and expense reports, year-end reports, property and tenant logbooks, tenant and contractor contact lists, and digital lease upload and storage capabilities.

RentingWell is off to a good start in beta; with a few refinements it could become the go-to platform for property managers wanting to save time and money.