Netflix Refuses to Support RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

As a streaming service without any of its own hardware products, one of the keys to Netflix’s success is being compatible with as many devices as possible—from computers to smartphones to gaming consoles. Netflix has long been able to stream on Apple’s iOS devices and Google’s Android devices. And now that Netflix has been in Canada for a while, we’ll see it on the BlackBerry platform soon… or not.

Netflix sucker-punched Research In Motion yesterday evening via Twitter, where the company stated, “We don’t have any current plans to support Blackberry devices, incluing [sic] Playbook.” They didn’t even bother to spell check, or capitalize the “B” in BlackBerry and PlayBook! That’s how little Netflix cares about RIM.

Customers were naturally outraged by Netflix’s tweet, calling the move “just plain idiotic” and “completely insane.” Matt Burnham said that, since “BlackBerry users aren’t worth your time, you’re not worth mine.” And Crystal urged Netflix to reconsider: “Tons of BlackBerry users would totally use Netflix!” The question is, Crystal—are there even tons of BlackBerry users left?