Four Outstanding Desks to Save You From Sitting Disease

Standing desks are taking over homes and offices everywhere and people look to combat “sitting disease,” which is the idea that sitting all day, every day contributes to obesity, inflexibility, and general lethargy.

A strong demand has created a strong supply, and a saturated market means options for every budget. Here are four ways to stand in front of your computer no matter your needs.



Created by Ryan Holmes, the founder of Hootsuite, this standing desk converter is made of cardboard. Yes, cardboard. It’s also only $25. It’s a simple, portable way to convert any traditional desk into a standing one. It’s mostly for laptops, though—not heavy PCs or multiple-monitor setups.

“Many companies want to provide stand up desks as an option to enhance the work environment and promote the overall health and well-being of employees, however cost is a big barrier,” said Holmes. “The investment is simply not feasible for many small-to-medium sized businesses. We wanted to create a product that would solve this problem for both companies and employees.”

Ikea Skarsta

Skarsta_Ikea-2Motorized standing desks are convenient, but if you don’t mind cranking a handle, you can save a lot of money. Ikea sells the Skarsta, a manually height-adjustable standing desk.

Available in two sizes in a clean white design, this minimalist desk is solid and sturdy (especially for Ikea standards) and can hold any permanent desktop setup. The Skarsta starts at $240.

Stand Desk

standing-desk-vs-treadmill-deskThe aptly named Stand Desk offers some of the most customizable standing desks on the market. You can choose a black  or grey frame; a top in white, black, or brown; and add-ons like a cable tray, power strip, and foot mat.

The most barebones desk starts at $400, but the cost of a Stand Desk can quickly climb to more than $800, so be careful of the options you choose if you’re on any sort of budget.

Ergo Kangaroo

Ergo Kangaroo-2

Ergo Desktop sells a myriad array of desk options, but our favourite is the Kangaroo Pro Junior. At $400, this reasonably priced converter is small, measuring just two feet wide and only 18 inches deep, so it’s appropriate for virtually any existing desk situation. You can buy the Kangaroo Pro Junior, or any of Ergo’s other desk solutions, from Amazon.