BYOD Trend Creating Generation of Overly Connected Workaholics Who Clock an Extra 20 Hours Weekly

Most people favour the Bring Your Own Device trend, preferring to use their personal smartphones instead of juggling a second, company-issued device. But what they may not know is that BYOD is creating a generation of overly connected workaholics.

A Mobile Workforce report from iPass reveals that flexible working scheduled permitted as a result of BYOD implementation is causing many employees to work up to 20 additional hours per week. Moreover, one third never fully disconnect from the technology, even during their personal time. Just 8% disconnect completely from work while on holiday.

But that doesn’t mean workers regret the shift: according to the report, 92% of mobile workers enjoy their job flexibility and are content working longer hours. 42% would like even greater flexibility.

“BYOD is effectively turning us into a generation of workaholics, with many workers seemingly happy to work during their downtime in exchange for flexibility in how and where they work,” explained Rene Hendrikse, VP of EMEA at iPass. “Mobile workers want to help their companies stay competitive in a fast-paced and challenging business environment and for this reason nearly half of all businesses are now actively encouraging flexible working.”

However, while BYOD is gaining acceptance, it should be noted that 18% of employees are now paying for their own mobile data plans, a rise of 6% from a year ago.

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