Pandora Launches Premium Music Streaming Service

Pandora has launched a premium version of its music streaming service. Pandora Premium aims to “set the new standard for what a music service [can] be,” according to the company.

The company’s new service leverages Pandora’s Music Genome Project and data extracted from its 81 million users to create a personalized experience. At $10 per month, the subscription pricing is similar to comparable services like Spotify and Apple Music.

“We pioneered personalizing your radio stations by thumbing tracks up or down,” the company says. “Nothing changes in Pandora Premium, except now we’ve given you a way to come back to those thumbed up songs again and again. Thumb up a handful of songs on your favorite radio station and Pandora Premium will automatically create a playlist of these songs.”

Pandora Premium also features advanced searching capabilities to explore the service’s 40 million available songs, as well as an offline feature and a “completely redesigned Now Playing experience that dynamically changes color based on the artwork of the music you’re listening to.”

Pandora says it is working on other features for Premium too, such as AutoPlay.

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