Panel of Experts to Discuss Fintech Disruption and More at BrainStation Vancouver

Today’s digital landscape is forcing traditional businesses to pivot in order to stay relevant and integrated in the everyday habits of both individuals and businesses. This is particularly evident in banking as financial technology startups are sprouting like weeds and disruption a seemingly ancient industry in the process.

BrainStation is hosting an upcoming event in downtown Vancouver that turns this fascinating sea change into a panel discussion. To be held on Thursday in Yaletown, the event—called “Fintech Panel: A Discussion on Disruption in Financial Services” promises an intimate look at emerging financial technology from those who know it best.

The panelists all hail from Fintech Five startups. They are Kevin Sandhu, founder of award-winning Grow; Micharl Gokturk, founder of Payfirma; Ian Cosby, CEO of Bench; and Daniel Eberhard of Koho.

The topics the panelists will discuss include the opportunities fintech has opened, the relationship between startups and incumbents in the financial sector, and how businesses can leverage fintech services.

Tickets for the event are $45.

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