Parliament recommends a reporting system for adverse health effects of Wi-Fi exposure

Concerned parents and the wireless industry are both applauding the Report of the Standing Committee on Health’s Examination of the Potential Health Impacts of Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation. The Committee recommended that Health Canada establish a reporting system so that potential adverse health effects from Wi-Fi broadcasts felt by children can be reported.

A statement by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association said that the CWTA was “100 per cent committed to a completely open process in the study of health and safety issues related to wireless technologies.”

“The overwhelming evidence, as determined and published in studies worldwide by the respected scientific community, continues to support the conclusion that there is no public health risk associated with the use of wireless technologies,” said Bernard Lord, President & CEO of the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association. “Government agencies in Canada and around the world responsible for establishing safety standards also support that wireless technologies are not a health risk.”

Meanwhile, Rodney Palmer of the Simcoe County Safe School Committee said, “This is welcome support from Parliament for the children suffering from Wi-Fi exposure in their schools.”

The Report came after the Committee heard from witnesses from both sides in April. You can read the report (in PDF) here.