Party City and Nextdoor Launch Halloween AR Experience

Using the Nextdoor app, users can locate "virtual visitors" in their neighbourhood to take and share pictures with.

Need to Know 

  • Party City has teamed up with Nextdoor to launch a Halloween-inspired augmented reality experience.
  • Using the community-building app Nextdoor, users can locate Party City locations in their area and track down Halloween-themed “virtual visitors” in their neighborhood to take a photo with.
  • The new features are designed to inspire users to celebrate Halloween safely due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.


Party City has teamed up with community-building social media platform Nextdoor to launch an augmented reality (AR) “treat map” in celebration of Halloween. By tapping on the map, users can locate Halloween-themed “virtual visitors”, which users can snap a picture with and share. 

Nextdoor, an app that connects neighbors to each other, releases an annual Treat Map each Halloween that lets neighbors know who will be handing out candy each year. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns around trick-or-treating this year, Nextdoor’s Treat Map has been updated to include features that help neighbors celebrate Halloween more safely, such as with spooky decor or a “costume wave parade.” 

The collaboration with party supply retailer Party City is an added perk, designed to encourage users to dress up in costume and host at-home activities for their kids. 

The unique, digital-first partnership comes in good timing for Party City, as many retailers globally have struggled to keep doors open since the onset of the pandemic. 

“We’re excited to partner with Nextdoor for our favorite holiday, as we believe that it should be easy for families to find safe ways to celebrate this year,” said Party City CMO Julie Roehm. “While Halloween will look a little different, the always popular Treat Map and new AR experience offer fun, convenient ways to create unforgettable moments this spooky season.”

Here’s how it works, according to Nextdoor spokesperson Shannon Toliver: “Using a smartphone camera through the Nextdoor app, head to the Treat Map to find and bring to life Halloween-themed ‘Virtual Visitors’ in your home, neighborhood, and local Party City stores. Once you find a Virtual Visitor, snap a photo and share your discovery to your Nextdoor newsfeed as new characters are released throughout the Halloween season.” 

Naturally, customers can also use the map to locate Party City locations in their area.