PasswordBox Partners with Bionym to Create Instant Login

Montreal’s PasswordBox announced today a strategic partnership with Toronto’s Bionym, the makers of the Nymi, the award-winning wearable tech wristband that securely authenticates the wearer’s identity by their unique cardiac rhythm (ECG) biometric.

PasswordBox allows millions of users to conveniently and securely store, retrieve, create, and share passwords anywhere and the winner of the best Mobile App at CES 2014.

Both PasswordBox and Bionym were named to our inaugural Techvibes 20 list last month.

The partnership will enable PasswordBox users who are also wearing the Nymi wristband to instantly login to their personal devices, favorite websites, and apps, through the Nymi’s unprecedentedly secure mutli-factor security authentication, thus keeping online identity safe and eliminating the need for multiple user names and passwords. 

Once an individual’s identity is authenticated, the Nymi provides persistent identity authentication backed by that person’s unique biometric (the ECG), and a multi-factor security system. Combined with the Nymi’s proximity detection and gesture recognition, PasswordBox users will be able to use automatic lock and unlock features, as well as automatic sign-in capabilities that the wearable’s proximity detection provides. Hands-free, secure, seamless login is now possible.

“This partnership is a perfect fit for our users who put a premium on security and seamless instant access to their digital assets,” said Daniel Robichaud, CEO of PasswordBox. “Our popular 1-Tap login together with the Nymi wristband will help bring our users closer to the future of online identity.”

PasswordBox’s 1-Tap is like a digital personal assistant that works across mobile platforms and provides instant 1-Tap login access to everything on mobile devices. It removes the inconvenience of autocorrect and time-consuming typing, thus increasing user efficiency by solving the most common mobile frustrations and challenges. 

By using the Nymi in conjunction with PasswordBox, users will now experience all of these benefits even faster and even more securely. The Nymi wristband will be available mid-2014 and will support PasswordBox desktop and mobile upon release.

“Bionym and PasswordBox share a common vision of providing frictionless, secure access to customers’ digital lives. Using the Nymi and its biometric security system to unlock PasswordBox, provides users with an unprecedented level of convenience and peace-of-mind that only they will have access to their data – because it is only their unique heartbeat that can unlock their accounts. We’re thrilled to be able to provide this out-of-the-box functionality to every user,” says Andrew D’Souza, President of Bionym.

The partnership between PasswordBox and Bionym will gift every Nymi customer with a free lifetime subscription to PasswordBox. This exclusive offer will be available to anyone who has preordered a Nymi, as well as to customers who order a Nymi now through July 2015.

Customers who have already preordered a Nymi will receive an email with a PasswordBox VIP invitation to sign up for the service immediately.