PayPal Coming to All Apple Devices, Services as Payment Option

Apple is adding PayPal as a payment option to its services, including the App Store and iTunes, as well as Apple Music and iBooks.

The PayPal integration rolled out across 12 countries to start, including Canada, Mexico, and Spain.

“This provides a secure and versatile payment method to meet the growing demand for digital entertainment,” says Ready. “PayPal’s availability across Apple’s services further expands our vision of providing customers a variety of ways to easily make mobile purchases, such as asking Siri to make a payment using the PayPal app.”

By now, most of us are pretty familiar with using PayPal for online purchases, and the company’s integration with Apple does not deviate from the standard process. And it extends across all Apple devices, including TV and Watch. It can even be used as a pre-authorized alternative to credit cards and gift cards.

“Once PayPal has been selected, all future purchases with the customer’s Apple ID will be automatically charged to their PayPal account,” explains ready. “The new payment option, which brings PayPal’s One Touch to Apple ID accounts, allows for simple purchasing from all Apple devices.”