PayPal Sues Pandora Over Confusingly Similar Logo Design

Ever wanted to make an online payment but ended up listening to Led Zeppelin instead? Apparently it’s a common case for those with both PayPal and Pandora apps on their phones, and the former would very much like something to be done about it.

PayPal is suing Pandora, a struggling music streaming service, for late last year unveiling a new logo—their first since launching more than a decade ago—which is confusingly similar to that of the payment giant’s.

PayPal submitted in its suit myriad examples on social media of customers expressing confusion between the two logos. The company claims it has “invested heavily” in its new logo, arguing Pandora’s mimicry has “interfered dramatically” with the user experience of PayPal.

The payments firm stated it attempted to reach out to Pandora directly but was ignored. PayPal is demanding the courts force Pandora to stop using its new logo.

In the face of stiff competition from Spotify, Apple Music, and others, Pandora is barely staying afloat this year. A damning legal battle could devastate the fragile firm.