PayPal, Visa Extend Instant Transfer Service Globally

PayPal users around the world can now transfer funds to their bank accounts with no wait time.

Need to Know 

  • PayPal and Visa have expanded their partnership, extending the Instant Transfer globally.
  • Instant Transfer utilizes Visa Direct to cut down on wait times, allowing PayPal users to transfer funds to their bank accounts within seconds.
  • PayPal has been growing rapidly, gaining 21 million users over its last quarter.
  • In an effort to compete in a rapidly growing payments market, both Visa and PayPal have heavily invested in digital innovation this year.


PayPal and Visa have expanded their partnership, now extending their Instant Transfer service globally. 

PayPal’s Instant Transfer service, which utilizes Visa Direct’s payment capabilities, allows people and businesses to access their funds quickly by transferring them within seconds, rather than a usual couple of business days. Originally exclusive to the United States after launching in 2019, the service is now available in a number of markets across North America, Asia, and Europe. 

The expanded service offering is due, in part, to the pandemic, as businesses and individuals facing challenging times now require faster access to funds.

“Sending money to loved ones or giving small businesses real-time access to earnings is critical during these challenging times,” said Jack Forestell, CPO, Visa. “By partnering with PayPal on a global scale, we are bringing together two trusted brands to provide hundreds of millions of consumers and small businesses globally with quick and secure payment options that can help them maintain financial stability.”

Brands like Stripe and Square in recent years launched services that cut down on transfer time. And with the digital payments industry becoming increasingly popular, it’s natural that PayPal would want to stay competitive. 

“Digital is quickly becoming the preferred way for people and businesses to move money,” said Jim Magats, SVP of omni payments at PayPal. “While the global pandemic has dramatically accelerated the shift to digital, we see this move to digital as a long-term change that will outlast the pandemic. We’re excited to expand our partnership with Visa to help more customers around the world get faster access to their funds, which is all the more critical during these challenging times.”

Both Visa and PayPal have been investing in innovation in payments in recent months. Visa recently launched a new AI-powered tool that helps to reduce service disruptions and has also expanded its one-click Click to Pay offering

PayPal, meanwhile, reported its strongest quarter ever this summer, with over 21 million new users. And joining in on the popular Buy Now, Pay Later trend, launched Pay in 4 last month. 

PayPal and Visa’s expanded Instant Transfer program will roll out internationally in the coming months.