Paysavvy Rebrands as Rise, a ‘People and Culture Platform’

Paysavvy is rebranding.

The Vancouver startup has revealed a new name, logo, and platform . The Canadian company will evolve to Rise and shift from traditional human resources software to a “holistic people and culture platform” that addresses employee engagement, happiness, and other factors in the workplace.

Rise will offer a suite of new tools that include API integrations in addition to its current offerings.

“Human Resources is an outdated industry,” said 29-year-old co-founder and CEO, Wisam Abdulla. “Companies can no longer look at their people as resources to be consumed. Rather, we need to build empowered, passionate teams and provide them with the tools to succeed.”

“In the past four plus years, we’ve learned that HR is so much more than the administrative function the business world has come to see it as,” Abdulla added. “The name Paysavvy reflects our roots in Payroll. The name Rise is about the beginning of a new era in the world of work — the era of people and culture.”