Peloton Launches Android TV App With 90 Day Free Trial

Peloton’s interactive fitness app is now available to over 85 million customers with Android TV-enabled devices.

Need to Know

  • Peloton makes its popular interactive fitness platform available directly through Android TV, removing the need for external streaming devices for more than 85 million customers already using Android TV-enabled devices. 
  • A version of Google’s Android mobile operating system, Android TV comes pre-installed on select TV models from over 150 manufacturers. 
  • The Peloton App features a robust library of strength, yoga, meditation, stretching and equipment-free bootcamp style workouts, plus their infamous cycling and running content. 
  • In response to COVID-19 related gym-closures Peloton introduced a 90-day free trial of its subscription workout app.


With home workouts becoming the new normal during the coronavirus pandemic, Peloton increases accessibility to its fitness app by opening it up to Android TV users. No streaming devices required, Android TV comes pre-installed on many TV models. Current numbers suggest that approximately 85 million customers already use Android enabled-devices, that’s a lot of potential livingroom fitness studios. 

The app which originally launched in 2018, gives users access to thousands of live and on-demand classes that feature a mix of running, strength, toning, yoga, meditation, and their popular cycling classes. 

“Through Android TV, Peloton Members can workout with others in their household, follow instructors’ moves with better form and stay focused on their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, right from the comfort of home,” the company said in its release. 

Android TV, a made-for-TV version of Google’s Android mobile operating system is currently the default operating system on TVs from more than 150 manufacturers including popular models from Sony, Philips, and Sharp. Users with android TV’s looking to add Peloton’s fitness app to their new work from home lifestyles can download the app directly to their TV in the Google Play store. 

To help support the changing daily routines and incomes of fitness enthusiasts, Peloton has extended the free trial of its app to 90 days. While the membership does require users to enter their credit card information, Peloton will remind users three days before their trial ends should they wish to cancel. Peloton’s 90-day free trial runs until April 30.