Last Year People Pledged an Average of $900 Every Minute on Kickstarter

In 2013, three million people pledged a combined $480 million to crowdfunding projects on Kickstarter.

That works out to more than $1.3 million per day or over $900 per minute for the entire year.

Those three million people are diverse: they come from well over 200 different countries and territories and all seven continents, giving Kickstarter an unprecedented global reach in terms of crowdfunding.

According to the crowdfunding platform, 800,000 of those three million (27%) backed multiple projects, while 3% backed 10 or more. A crazy 975 people backed a whopping 100 or more campaigns.

Kickstarter says that 20,000 projects were successfully funded last year. It failed to mention how many were created in total though, so we don’t have a success rate.