Perch Available in the Apple App Store Today

Today Vancouver’s Perch unveiled its live ambient video communications application as it became available for free in the Apple App Store.

Perch enables teams to seamlessly connect and collaborate across offices and amongst its remote workforce like never before. Perch combines its unique facial and motion detection technologies with live video to bring the promised value of video communications to reality.

“When video became more prevalent, we imagined a much easier and natural communication experience like we saw on the Jetsons, Star Trek and even Spaceballs,” said Danny Robinson, founder and CEO of Perch. “And that’s what Perch delivers; clear and frictionless real­time communications with the people you talk to every day.”

Perch is an always-on video connection that is intended to help company’s bridge culture gaps, workplace communicate effectively and families stay in touch. By designating an iOS device to Perch, users can connect with anyone on the other end, whether they are across the hall or across the continent.

Perch works best when mounted on a wall or on a stand in a high traffic area, such as a pod of desks, office bullpen or community area. Once mounted, you can set up an always­on video portal and share it with your co­workers. Unlike other video conferencing technologies, Perch is always­ on and does not require individuals to plan a call beforehand – simply look at the device screen to activate the microphone and initiate communications. Perch runs over WiFi on any iOS device and is currently compatible with iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices (4S and above) with a front facing camera. Because Perch runs on mobile devices, you can continue to use Perch while on ­the­ go.

Check out the great demo explainer video below to see Perch in action.