Perfect Corp Launches Virtual AR Try-On for Glasses

The AR 3D eyeglasses tool creates an augmented reality rendering of eyewear using three product images.

Need to Know

  • Perfect Corp. has launched AR 3D eyeglasses, a new tool that allows consumers to virtually try on eyewear using augmented reality.
  • The tool automatically creates 3D eyeglass renderings using three product images, providing a live camera preview of how glasses would look when worn.
  • AR 3D eyeglasses can be used by eyewear brands on desktop and mobile web browsers, directly from their product catalogs.
  • Perfect Corp. has worked with L’Oreal and Google in the past to launch AR try-on experiences with makeup.


Perfect Corp. has expanded its roster of augmented reality tools, launching a new product that allows users to virtually try on eyeglasses.

AR 3D eyeglasses, which is now available to eyewear brands, automatically creates 3D eyewear renderings using three product images. Consumers will be able to see how a pair of glasses would look on them using a live try-on tool, which brands can offer directly from their product catalogs, using either a mobile or desktop browser. Because Perfect requires only three product images to create an effective 3D view, the company’s AR try-on capability can be facilitated much more quickly than other virtual try-on tools.

“We are excited to expand our advanced AI & AR beauty technology services into the global eyewear industry,” Perfect Corp. founder and CEO Alice Chang said in a statement. “This innovative streamlined solution provides brands with a simple, yet powerful 3D eyewear creation tool, to deliver a highly sophisticated and realistic virtual try-on experience to all eyewear shoppers.”

Perfect has been working to facilitate AR try-ons for a number of beauty brands in recent months, as bricks-and-mortar shutdowns and a rise in online shopping due to COVID-19 gave rise to the need for more digitally-driven customer engagement experiences. Perfect had previously partnered with L’Oreal to offer a virtual try-on tool for cosmetics brands such as MAC Cosmetics, Black Opal, and Charlotte Tilbury. That AR integration was rolled out by Google and was also powered by ModiFace, which is a L’Oreal-owned tech startup.

AR try-on technology spiked in popularity in 2020 due to the pandemic, apparel brands as well as cosmetics companies using the tool to help shoppers more confidently purchase their products. Estee Lauder boosted their digital sales by 60% in 2020, partly thanks to their implementation of AR try-on tech, while Burberry, Amazon, and Wayfair all launched tools that allow shoppers to see how items would look in their homes. Brookfield, which manages a number of retail malls, announced plans to roll out a tool called Fit:Match that would allow consumers to virtually try on items from some of its stores, while Gucci debuted an AR try-on lens with Snapchat, which let users virtually try-on pairs of the brand’s shoes.