No Longer Interim: Peter Garrett Joins Innovate Calgary as President

Innovate Calgary today revealed that it has decided to make interim president Peter Garrett’s temporary role a permanent one. The Canadian business incubator says the move “signifies corporate stability.”

Garrett possesses a background in the commercialization of emerging technologies, which Innovate Calgary says provides him with the insight and skill set required to move the business forward.

“I am excited to continue to advance Innovate Calgary as a leader in our industry,” he said. “We have excellent relationships with our shareholders, including the University of Calgary, with whom we share aligning goals as they fulfill their ‘Eyes High’ strategy, and the City of Calgary and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. I look forward to continuing to build upon and strengthen these relationships as we bring Calgary into its role as a leading innovation eco-system in Canada.”

Here’s more on Garrett:

After graduating from the University of Calgary (BSc EE ’80 – with distinction), Peter joined Nortel Networks where he was at the heart of both the digital and wireless communications revolutions. Rising quickly through the ranks, he ultimately became Vice President of Wireless Networks R&D. There, he led a team of 1,200 engineers and scientists in seven labs on four continents developing and deploying over 50 new products per year. Seeking the next technology wave, Peter joined Global Thermoelectric in 2001 (an alternative energy/fuel cell company) as Chief Operating Officer then subsequently Chief Executive Officer, where he led the successful merger of the company with Fuel Cell Energy in 2003. Since then, Peter has been an active investor, business and technology consultant, and has served on a number of corporate and volunteer boards

 The appointment of Garrett came with the support of Innovate Calgary’s board of directors, who share his vision for the company, according to the organization.

“Over the past twelve months Peter Garrett has supported and enhanced Innovate Calgary’s clear focus and has developed a sound strategy to reach goals we as a board want to see,” explains Innovate Calgary’s chairman, Michael Whitt. “In order to achieve these goals, the right leadership needs to be in place, and we are confident that Peter Garrett is exactly the right person to realize those goals and focus on delivery of meaningful services and results.”