PivotTECH Prepares Calgary’s Workforce for the High Tech Sector

As a result of Alberta’s unprecedented economic downturn arising from plummeting oil prices in late 2014, a large number of Calgary’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce is suffering economic dislocation, unemployment, and under-employment.

Some have already left the province to seek new and non-energy sector opportunities elsewhere. Meanwhile, the high-growth technology sector is looking for talent, but it has been largely unsuccessful in finding suitable employees to fulfill its workforce requirements.

In early 2017, a partnership among Rainforest Alberta, Calgary Economic Development and the Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Labour led to the creation of PivotTECH.

PivotTECH’s primary objective is to prepare Calgary’s workforce for growth in the evolving high-technology sectors by enhancing the agility of Calgary’s STEM professionals and inspiring more of these workers to transition into growing, agile, emerging technology businesses in Calgary.

PivotTECH has three goals:

  • Raise career transitions into high growth technology occupations
  • Advocate for and inform professional retraining, workforce support services, and industry intelligence to strengthen Alberta’s technology sector
  • Grow employment opportunities in technology occupations over time, thereby diversifying Calgary and Alberta’s economies

The journey to meet these goals involves a community of organizations that is ready to support high technology business development, employment growth, and economic diversification in the city and the province.

In addition to the STEM professionals who attend, employers, educational institutions, workforce support organizations, and other partners will also participate in the event. These participants will share labour market data and information, articulate training and employment opportunities (including in-demand roles and skill sets), and develop detailed occupation profiles for immediate and future reference and use.

PivotTECH will also introduce attendees to the workplace cultures that surround high-tech occupations through the full day’s lineup of keynote and guest speakers, panel discussions, on-site workshops, and company and partner exhibits.

PivotTECH takes place tomorrow, Thursday, October 5th from 7:30am to 5:00pm at the Telus Convention Centre.