Is Podcasting out of Style – or the New Best Way to Enhance Your Content Marketing Strategy?

It wasn’t so long ago that podcast was this obscure medium on the Internet. Yes, there was a time when people would just be yammering away into the void, but now podcast is experiencing a renaissance and marketers are starting the see the possibilities. We no longer consider those with a podcast as failed radio hosts and commentators, but rather as thought leaders with innovative ideas.

Why podcast now?

Podcasting is easy now. Really easy. You don’t need a fancy studio or even high-end gear. With the advancement of technology, you probably have a respectable studio right in your office. I shouldn’t need to tell you about all the functionality of your smartphone and laptop. Trust me, it’s very capable of developing a respectable podcast.

Blogs post and videos are great, but sometimes people just want to take a break from text and pixels. Podcasts are the alternative. So why not develop content that will educate and entertain people as they work out at the gym or walk their dog?

In a study done by Google Analytics, it shows that generally people will spend an average of two minutes and seven seconds on a given website. Meanwhile, pordcasting platform Stitcher reported that the average podcast listener would stay for 22 minutes. That means 11 blog posts will equal the engagement of one podcast. It’s something worth thinking about.

Creating new channels for yourself and your company is what marketing is all about. You want to generate more funnels and more interest in your projects, in addition to making news and sparking anticipation. Blog posts reach a certain audience, videos reach another and by adding a podcast, you can integrate a three-pronged marketing strategy that, I believe, will soon be the standard for content marketing.


Your company’s voice

…or in another word, your personality. There is something human about a voice that is of more value than a nicely crafted textualized quote. There is a reason why a phone call will always be more personal than an email. Suddenly the words conveyed no longer sound like a simple marketing ploy. The audience hears your voice and feels your passion—and in the end, it’s all about communicating your passion. That is what makes podcasting such a powerful tool to express your enthusiasm.

Podcasting, however, is not for everyone—yes, I know this is kind of contradictory, but I feel I must warn as well as inspire. Podcasting can often be a nerve-racking experience to some. It might often leave them feeling vulnerable and forced. The tone of voice can communicate more than we often believe and an anxious speaker may not be the persona you display to the public. If this causes reluctance to start your own podcast, guest star on one of many podcast already on the airwaves. Being interviewed may offer some stepping stones towards your own show.

That being said, podcast is a fantastic medium for bouncing off ideas and demonstrating thought leadership. There is a reason why TedTalks are so popular. Because people do enjoy evocative and innovative ideas. Obviously you must think you have some pretty good ideas too, why else would you be a part of the technical/startup industry. It’s all about sharing ideas—and what better way to do it than with your own voice?


Positives of podcasting

Like most marketing strategies, it’s not going to be an immediate ROI. The key is to be consistent and develop creative content. Depending on your strategy, you can record a show once a week or twice a month, it’s up to you, but the only rule is to do it. Yes, the great thing about podcasting right now is that there are few rules to follow. Just make it and send it off into the world and see what reactions you’ll get.

Whether you want to offer how-to advices or simply have a chat about up coming projects, the goal is to get your voice out there. Although there will always be skeptics and naysayers in regards to podcast, we must remember that those who are listening are really listening. Consuming and generating podcast can be both a hobby and a habit for you and your listeners.

There are many highways and avenues for consumers and audience members to discover your content, thus leading them to your company. You’d be doing a great disservice for your business if you consider blocking any off and not taking a chance. So lead the way and others will follow.