Pokémon Go Launches in Rio Just in Time for Olympics, Claims Gold Medalist as First Victim

Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, has got his wish: Pokémon Go has arrived in Rio just in time for the 2016 Olympic Games.

And the globally popular augmented reality game has already claimed victims, including gold medalist gymnast Kohei Uchimura, a Japanese Olympic athlete who won gold at the 2012 Games in London.

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“We are excited to officially be putting Pokemon Go in the hands of our Latin American fans, visitors, and the Olympic athletes in Rio!” the app said on its Facebook page Wednesday.

Uchimura was excited too—so excited, in fact, he racked up 500,000 Yen in roaming charges while playing Go in Rio. That’s about $5,000. Fortunately he was able to reduce the charge to just $30. Now that’s a medal-worthy performance.

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Pokémon Go has now launched in most countries in the world, mostly still missing in major Asian markets, including mainland China.